Planning for a possible year in the United States to attend university, spend a year at high school, pursue an internship, or maybe be part of a cultural exchange program can be exciting and perhaps a bit daunting. American Space Leipzig offers consultation hours for students considering spending time in the United States as part of a structured program. We have two advisors as part of our team. These are:

Christin Habermann
Internship Office Hours:
By appointment

Tobias Schlobach
Study Abroad Office Hours:
Wednesdays, 16:00 – 18:00, or by appointment

They both can be reached at Their office is located at the Institute for American Studies.

To get started with your adventure, a very useful website is the US Embassy’s “Study and Internships in the USA”. Also very useful (and in German) is the website that provides information about everything from a possible high school exchange to an au pair year to internships.


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