American Space Leipzig is an initiative between the Universität Leipzig and the U.S. Government to encourage learning, exchange, and dialogue between the United States and Germany.

Team Members

Prof. Crister S. Garrett

Project Director

Raised in the United States, Prof. Crister S. Garrett has lived many years in Europe and in other parts of the world (Thailand and Lebanon). He is professor of history and politics at the Institute for American Studies. His scholarly interests focus on the history of transatlantic relations and contemporary American-European relations.

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Prof. Ulrich J. Schneider

University Library Director

Prof. Ulrich J. Schneider earned his PhD in philosophy at TU Berlin. His scholarly work explores the cultural history of philosophy, the history of universities during the Enlightenment, French philosophy of the 20th century, and the history of libraries. Prof. Schneider is also a professor for philosophy and cultural studies at Leipzig University.

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Dr. Sophia Manns-Süßbrich

Library Project Coordinator

Dr. Sophia Manns-Süßbrich is Lead Librarian for the overall American Studies collections at Leipzig University and specifically for the American Studies Frank Freidel Memorial Library. Dr. Manns-Süßbrich earned her doctorate at the University of Marburg in Slavic Studies. She has lived in and visited the USA, Great Britain, and the Ukraine.

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Dr. Uta Kremer

Intercultural Education Coordinator

Dr. Uta Kremer holds a PhD from Leipzig University in Intercultural Communications, specializing in German-American interactions. She is part of the core team at the Leipzig University Digital Humanities project.

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Dr. Anja Eifert

Advising Coordinator

Dr. Anja Eifert is a member of the American Studies Leipzig faculty and holds a PhD from Leipzig University, specializing in public diplomacy. She is the Education Advising Coordinator for the American Space Leipzig, providing information, advising, and regular workshops on studying abroad.  

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Tobias Schlobach

EducationUSA / GAMED Coordinator

Tobias Schlobach is part of the core faculty at the Institute for American Studies Leipzig. Mr. Schlobach is responsible for our EducationUSA events and in charge of GAMED, an initiative of American Space Leipzig providing a German-American forum to learn about different practices of entrepreneurship.

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Heather Pruessing

Language & American Society Education Coordinator

Heather Pruessing is an American born and raised in Haddonfield, NJ. She has a BA in German Studies from Davidson College and earned her MA in American Studies at Leipzig University. She has extensive experience in language teaching, in teacher training, and in designing and instructing courses on American culture and life.

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Carlo Becker

Internship Coordinator

Carlo Becker is helping with all internship-related questions. He is currently enrolled as a BA+ student at American Studies Leipzig.

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Eric W. Fraunholz

ASL Project Coordinator

Eric Fraunholz is responsible for communication, corporate identity, and event coordination for the American Space Leipzig.

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Adam Pekár

Junior Project Assistant

Adam Pekár is responsible for various areas of the American Space Leipzig, including social media and web presence, as well as event coordination. He is currently enrolled as an MA student at the American Studies Leipzig institute.

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Julia Webers

Project Intern

Julia Webers is responsible for day-to-day tasks at American Space ranging from communication with our guests to outreach activities. She’s a 5th semester BA student at the American Studies Institute in Leipzig and has lived in the US close to 2 years prior to beginning her studies.

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