On April 28th and 29th, the sixth American Studies Leipzig graduate conference took place at the Deutsches Literarinstitut Leipzig. In light of the 50th anniversary since the social revolutions of 1968 and current events that have seen a revival of public protest and dissent the conference focused on ‘American Cultures of Dissent’. More than sixty participants—presenters and guests—from universities all around Europe gathered to present their research, discuss, and exchange ideas.

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The thirteen presenters investigated the topic of dissent in America on the political, cultural, and literal level, and explored past as well as more recent phenomena of dissent and protest. From Occupy Wall Street to the Black Arts Movement and from hacktivism to Jesse James, the presentations emphasized the role of dissent in American culture, society, and politics. Additionally, the conference was honored to welcome Professor Lilly J. Goren from Caroll University as the keynote speaker, who gave an interesting and insightful talk with the title ‘Gender and Power: Constructions, Images, Lived Realities’.

The conference also attracted students and other guests from Leipzig and the rest of Germany, which enabled lively discussion and provided valuable feedback to the presenters on their research. With this the conference fulfilled its primary goal—to give MA-level graduate students of American studies and related fields an opportunity to present their work and provide a platform to get further inspiration and build on their network.

The sixth American Studies Leipzig graduate conference was sponsored by American Space Leipzig.