On February 22, Gideon Marks, Anchor Mentor at Google Launchpad Accelerator and Board Advisor at GlobeKeeper, gave a workshop on the “Dos and Don’ts” when trying to build successful Startup. Around 25 students and young entrepreneurs participated in the workshop.

In his presentation, Gideon discussed all the factors that play a role in entering and succeeding in the current Startup scene. He emphasized that there are five crucial points every startup needs to pay attention to:

  1.     Simple, clean corporate structure
  2.     founders stock
  3.     Employees, consultants and advisors
  4.     IP protection
  5.     Service providers

Only by successfully implementing these five points can an emerging startup become competitor in the current startup environment.

Gideon also emphasized the role of so-called ‘ecosystems’—places that provide the right legal and financial infrastructure for emerging startups to flourish. These are the places that every emerging startup should pay attention to. Today, this cannot only be found in the Silicon Valley, but also in various other countries around the world.

Towards the end, the discussion also led to the most common mistakes entrepreneurs do, when starting their business. For Gideon, startup founders are usually unsuccessful when there is a sole founder – investors like to invest in teams.

After the event, Gideon chatted and connected with several young entrepreneurs from Leipzig.