On 1 January 2018, the so-called NetzDG, a social-media bill to counter “fake news” and hate speech, came into effect.

Julia and Maša looking for interviewees about the NetzDG

The law obliges social media outlets such as Twitter or Facebook to more effectively identify and remove fake news from their sites. This measure has since then sparked a contentious discussion about free speech, the nature of “fake news,” and the future of political debate on the internet.

We wanted to know what students in Leipzig thought about the law, so our team members, Julia and Maša, approached students in front of Leipzig’s Albertina library. Surprisingly, some students heard about the law for the first time. Others did not have an opinion about it.

Julia and Maša’s experience shows that we need to discuss the current state of media and fake news more than ever.

Join us on 1 March for our kick-off event on the “Future of Journalism” with The Nation National Correspondent John Nichols and start the conversation.