In recent years, Leipzig has attracted more and more startups.

Young and creative entrepreneurs shape the city’s industry with innovative ideas and a can-do spirit. The startup landscape is multifaceted; BlackBee for example, offers new solutions for market analyses. is one of the leading online super markets in Germany. futalis offers the perfect food for your dog.

Leipzig is profiting from these new industries. It has grown economically and in population. Cheap rents and high living standards, green spaces, room for creativity, and an international cityscape, with its numerous institutions for higher education, are some of the reasons Leipzig attracts creative and innovative minds.

Gideon Marks, Anchor Mentor at Google Launchpad Accelerator and Board Advisor at GlobeKeeper, will join American Space on 22 February 2018

Our upcoming event “The Secrets of Success,” with Gideon Marks, Anchor Mentor at Google Launchpad Accelerator and Board Advisor at GlobeKeeper, will contribute to this ongoing conversation.

Gideon has been active in tech and start up industries around the globe  for 30 plus years. With a strong background in finance, business and corporate development Gideon has proven a sure feeling for the industry, as the numbers show: He has been involved in building numerous companies, growth initiatives, funding from venture funds and the public. He took three companies public on NASDAQ and four others to successful M&A transactions. Gideon is a global player with strong ties in Korea, Israel, Japan, Silicon Valley, Investment banks and VCs.

Working with many entrepreneurs from around the world has led Gideon to share his experience with what makes startups more successful than others and what is needed as far as leadership, traction, funding, and technology.

On 22 February, 2018, 6pm, Gideon will share his knowledge and experience and discuss the Leipzig startup scene at American Space Leipzig. He will focus on topics such as doing the right things, telling a good story to investors, how numbers have to add up, finding the right investors, and building credibility. In addition Gideon will cover the topic of innovation and why Silicon Valley and Israel spearhead it.

Space for the event is limited. You can sign up for the event for free on our event page.