MDR Aktuell interviewed American Space Leipzig director Crister S. Garrett on the day after the third presidential debate in the United States.

According to Mr. Garrett, both candidates performed well in so far as to address and consolidate their voter base. Yet, Ms. Clinton was more successful in addressing undecided voters. Mr. Trump’s remark about not being ready to accept the results of the election on November 8th was, according to Mr. Garrett, an impulsive but also calculated stance that speaks to the part of his voter base that believes in a ‘shadow government’ in the US. However, Mr. Trump’s possible success rests in the hands of undecided voters that are in the so called ‘middle’ in US politics. These are voters that trust and uphold the Constitution of the US and for these voters, shunning the traditional, democratic, peaceful transition of power is more repulsive than engaging.

According to Mr. Garrett, Mr. Trump has a small chance of winning without winning the swing state of Ohio. The fate of the GOP after this election is completely open due to Mr. Trumps often times radical and divisive rhetoric. The emergence of third parties is possible, yet these parties would have it very hard to get into the high levels of congressional politics, much less the White House.

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