American Space Leipzig director Crister Garrett spoke to Deutchlandfunk’s Dirk-Oliver Heckmann the morning after the third presidential debate.

Mr. Garrett stated that Mr. Trump’s reluctance to accept the results of the election on November 8 was an impulsive statement that was meant to consolidate his voting base that chooses to believe in the conspiracy theory of a shadow government in the United States. However, as Mr. Garrett points out, according to recently published poll numbers only 30-35% are convinced of this while the majority of Americans distance themselves from these claims.

Mr. Trumps claim of a rigged election is meant to spur on the voters that are uneasy and afraid in these times. His rhetoric is not much different from the Brexit camp, the Front National of France or the AfD in Germany.

Ms. Clinton landed a big blow when she called Mr. Trump a puppet of Russia. Mr. Garrett asserted that it was a cleverly calculated, tactical move by Ms. Clinton that took Mr. Trump by surprise and derailed his performance in the debate. However, Ms. Clinton is still struggling with her favorability numbers, and her moderate politics in a more populist time are no ‘bestsellers’.

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