On October 20, American Space Leipzig director, Crister S. Garrett, spoke to Tagesschau’s Inna Böttcher about the third US presidential debate.

Crister Garrett stated that Ms. Clinton managed to consolidate her voter base more successfully than Mr. Trump. Furthermore, Mr. Garrett believes that Mr. Trump’s weaker moments in the debate stem from the video evidence of his lewd remarks about women, as well as being unable to counter Ms. Clinton’s accusations of Mr. Trump being a puppet for Russia.

It was, however, Mr. Trump’s refusal to say if he is ready to accept the outcome of the election in the event he loses to Ms. Clinton. The peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of American democracy and it may cost Mr. Trump votes if he puts it into question.

Mr. Garrett also stated that Ms. Clinton was more successful in speaking to undecided female voters, by addressing women’s rights, such as abortion, or keeping Planned Parenthood funded.

Mr. Garrett believes that after three debates the race is not over yet. With 20 days left until election, outside forces could still influence the election process, as well as shifting voter preferences in battleground states.