On October 17, Dr. Mireya Solís, senior fellow and the Philip Knight Chair in Japan Studies at the Brookings Center for East Asia Policy Studies, joined American Space Leipzig for a roundtable discussion under the title “Has the Transpacific Replaced the Transatlantic?”. 26 guests attended this event, which was live streamed and accompanied by a Twitter wall.

Dr. Solís described the effect and challenges of trade on a multilateral level, while explaining the crisis of governance, crisis of leadership, and renewal of internationalism to the audience. Furthermore, she talked about the meaning of geoeconomics and the growing importance of transpacific relations as well as its consequences on the mega trade agreements TTIP and TPP. In addition, she explained, that the United States need to become a country of labor mobility. Concluding, Dr. Solís disclosed that trade agreements destroy but also create jobs.

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