Wednesday, December 15, 2016.

Deutschlandfunks’s national radio show DRadio Wissen spoke with American Space Leipzig about the appeal of Donald Trump among American voters and the upcoming primary elections.

Reporter Thilo Jahn asked American Space Director Crister S. Garrett just how seriously Germans should take the rise of Donald Trump.

Garrett responded that he is clearly popular among a segment of Republican voters that are largely male, older, and struggling in the current economy. In total, Trump’s followers represent about 10% of all American voters, a sizable number, but still a small minority. Still, he is a serious Republican candidate, and his opponents, and the Democrats, assume he will be on the scene for several more months. If he does well early in the primaries, and does well on so-called Super Tuesday (March 1, 2016), he could well be a major factor during the GOP party convention next July.