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Professor Garrett interviews Scott Riedmann and Professor Rundquist about the Inauguration

On January 19, presidential politics expert Prof. Paul S. Rundquist, Consul General for Mitteldeutschland, Scott Riedmann, and American Space Leipzig director, international relations and American politics expert, Professor Crister S. Garrett, invited to a podium discussion with the title: “Before the Presidential Inauguration.” About 52 guests attended the event. Professor Garrett introduced both experts and […]

Duke University’s Dr. Charles Campbell talks about North American Preaching

On January 11, Dr. Charles Campbell, professor of homiletics, the study of preaching, at Duke University Divinity School, gave public lecture about: “What’s going on in North American Homiletics?” About 20 interested people attended the American Space Leipzig event. Professor Campbell started the lecture comparing Hillary Clinton’s loss in the election with the Christian pulpit […]

Professor Paul S. Rundquist and Professor Crister S. Garrett talking about the future of American an...

On November 23, presidential politics experts Professor Paul S. Rundquist from Martin Luther University Halle Wittenberg and American Space Leipzig Director, Professor Crister S. Garrett, invited to a panel discussion under the title: “Presidential Election – Where do we go from here?”. About 60 people attended the 2-hour, live-streamed event.   Professor Rundquist and Professor […]

Katie Protano talking about American Gun Culture

On November 14, American Space Leipzig Language and American Society Coordinator, Katie Protano, held a workshop about American Gun Culture. Katie Protaono began the workshop explaining to an interested audience, how guns became part of American history. She talked about the Second Amendment, which was introduced by James Madison. Furthermore, Katie Protano pointed out the […]

American Space Director, Crister S. Garrett, Interviewed by Several Radio Stations about Election Ou...

On November 9, American Space director, Crister S. Garrett, was interviewed by several radio stations about the outcome of the presidential elections 2016. Professor Garrett talked about how Donald Trump meets the zeitgeist and mobilized more voters than Hillary Clinton. Just like Brexit, Trump’s winning shows the dissatisfaction many Americans feel. But foresighted, Donald Trump […]